The pests on the beach.

I just got home after about a 9 hour drive from Wisconsin. 

On TV, there is a show called Urban Jungle that is talking about how animals are coming into our urban settings and how we have to make room for them since we are taking over the Earth and they have nowhere to go. 

It's funny because just this morning we were going on a beach walk and a meditation. Before we went we were all just silently gathering on the sidewalks and most of us were looking at Lake Michigan. There were a flock of seagulls on the beach. They were silent and still and I thought, why do they seem so annoying when you're on the beach? 

And then I thought...they must think the same about us! This is their beach. They hang out here peacefully and then every day, like it or not, here come the herds of humans. Loud, obnoxious, smelly humans with all of their garbage. However, they do bring food. Other than that, they're pretty useless. :)

I mean, really. Silent peaceful beach. The only thing missing that changes it was the...humans. 


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