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Practice Kindness.


The Dam Has Sprung a Leak.

I miss writing on my blog so much. I've been so busy lately with trying to get the yoga business to a place where I'm not constantly working. I love what I do and sometimes I don't even realize that I've spent the whole day on the computer answering emails, posting about classes, returning calls but mostly trying to get this software program up and running and a new website that will link to the software.

Record keeping is not the fun part. Numbers make me want to slip into a coma...but they're a necessary part of having a business. Then I prepare to teach, teach and hang out with my students for a bit after class and THAT is the fun and rewarding part of what I do. I love teaching. Even on the nights when I'm tired and I don't feel like it...(like how you can feel I don't feel like going to yoga tonight and then you say thank God I went to yoga tonight) I get in there and the combined energy and the flow of the class brings it all exactly to where it sh…