poem for day 7, #writeeverydamnday

I kissed the seeds of the dandelion
And flew with them throughout the wind
They scattered into parts unknown
and where they went I followed

I stroked the face of the ocean blue
and together we rode the depths
on the backs of dolphins dived below
and listened to their bellows

I felt the ground shake with the elephant
Felt the warmth upon my back
The air clung to my skin as I clung to them
And I heard them whisper Om

What a world this is
an opportunity
yet we're around only ourselves
can't see our struggling spirit

when we look to the Earth
when we look to the Sea
when we look to the Heavens
it becomes clear, becomes one

with all of these beautiful faces
and individual personalities
we get tricked, we get stuck
we are one, it's such luck

with an opportunity to be ourselves.

day 7, #writeyourselfalive #writeeverydamnday #justwrite


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