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the deep.

I drown in the shallows
come alive in the deep

i'm forced to float up there
finding others so sweet

deep can be quiet
but much more to keep

gather your soul friend
for you'll need it to keep

Let it Sink Quietly.

You will remember the shape  of my footprints.
You'll take with you my sadness and crash it about.
Transformed into joy and frothiness,  let it sink quietly, bubbles in the sand.
Spread wide out to be baked  by the warmth of the sun until it is no more.
Only what is left of me, the essence,  you shall take into your very depths. 

And I shall smile.
Down and still down into your dark  and sacred memory. Forever.

Juicy Lucy.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Got our tree today. Even though I felt like my head was going to explode. I think that the moving and being a bit rundown, some lack of sleep thanks to a new environment and two pets that also have a lot to say about it all in the middle of the night combined with people actually sick out in the public...have given me a run for my health money.

So the tree sits and waits patiently for lights and I lie in bed. And drink juice. Lots of juice and water. My choice of juice currently, anything with vitamin c. I love the Naked Juices and there is one called Power C Machine that I'm drinking now. Can't wait to get my real juicer for Christmas. 

Juice it up people. Let's not get sick, together.