Theme Songs.

This morning I awoke and jumped out of bed, looking at the alarm clock that stared back at me. One minute longer until it was to go off. I laid back down, thinking how funny it is that we sometimes wake up with that sense of urgency. Then, my alarm clock went off and Al Green was singing to me from inside of it…Let's Get It On. What a great song to wake up to.

Immediately I thought about how when I was in my twenties, I was obsessed with the show Ally McBeal. She was a quirky, pretty and, um, original girl just trying to figure it out. At one point in the show, they introduced the concept of a theme song, like a personal song that goes with the character. Ally's therapist had told her to find her own theme song that she could draw upon whenever she needed strength. Ally chose Tell Him, I believe…

I always thought it was pretty cool to have a theme song but it was really hard for me to choose just one. 

So, when the song came on this morning, I laughed. It was as if the Universe itself was talking to me, saying, "really, Erin, let's get it on…let's get it started. You have a lot more to give and I've got your back. Get going." I thought, this is it. My theme song…

So, I got up and went to Starbucks, my semi normal morning routine and played the song again. Here is what I took from it.

I've been really tryin', baby
Tryin' to hold back these feelings for so long

(because you weren't ready to know how awesome you are).

And if you feel, like I feel baby
Then come on, oh come on!
Let's get it on
Lets get it on, let's love baby
Let's get it on, sugar
Let's get it on

(I feel amazing because I know there's a million possibilities out there…what are you going to do with this "wild and precious life"?)

We're all sensitive people
With so much to give, understand me sugar
Since we got to be
Let's live, I love you

(we all have an unlimited capacity for love and joy and what we can offer to the world by being, just being us. Live it to give it.)

Love to all you beautiful people. Get out there and get it on for yourselves!! 



Mary Swan-Bell said…
LOVE this post! 1) Because, I was a huge Ally McBeal fan. 2) This used to be my ringtone for my husband (when ringtones were cool) until it went off in one too many meetings. 3) What a fun inspirational way to get going in the morning!!

Thank you :)
Erin Kouvas said…
Thank you Mary! :) Honored you stopped by and took the time to leave a comment. xox

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