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Can you hear me?

I'm talking to you.

I want you to stop being negative. That habit that you have of always waiting for the worst to happen? Just stop. It doesn't suit you and it surely doesn't allow you to live up to your true potential.

I want you to know that you are loved. Not just by me but by something that is so large you can't even fathom it. Don't ask what. Get out of your head. Just accept.

Accept that you deserve more. That you deserve love, most of all from yourself. Don't diminish your life and act like nothing matters. It matters because you do. Because we all do. 

You are a child of God. You are a miracle. You have moved me tonight to write this, just as you move people every day that you probably aren't even aware of.

Wake up. Feel that there are millions of cells moving within you and that there are millions of us moving around on this Earth. Touch someone. Cry, laugh and dance in that beautiful body of yours. That body that allows you to not only…



Something I've battled with starting around age 31, 32 (5, 6 years ago). 

Obviously, it has kicked in again tonight. I decided no more lying around in bed about it. I'm listening to my body and if it wants to be up, I'll be up. I don't think it's particularly good to lie in bed and let your frustration build and not sleep at the same time. Lose, lose. 

I've been doing pretty well with sleeping lately...but the last few nights have been difficult. I am still, all the same, quite happy to be off of my Ambien for a good six months now.

Legs up the Wall, Viparita Kirani ( has become my new Ambien and it usually works quite well. If you struggle with insomnia, you may want to try this pose for 5-10 minutes before bed. It helps me (normally).

As for right now...I think I will organize my office. Yay. 

xo~ Erin

Being With.

Today our yoga therapy group split into groups of two, half of us going to an independent living facility and the other half of us going to an assisted living facility. I got all my nervousness out about it yesterday and today was just really open to whatever it wanted to be. I was assigned to the assisted living facility. At first it didn't seem like we would be welcomed very easily in. There are still misconceptions about yoga, especially with an older population that hasn't been exposed to it,  plus the fact that some people are dealing with depression, and whatever ailments they may have, etc...

But I ended up talking to three women today, part of the time doing yoga and partly just listening to their lives...and they were Dot, Jeanne and Georgette. They all had things to teach me. 

Dot taught me that whatever age, whatever circumstance, you can always laugh. I love people who's a very attractive quality. I complimented her on her smile because it was infectio…

N.C. Love

I don't know what it is about North Carolina. I have always loved it ever since I came down to visit my best friend in Charlotte, god, 17 years ago? 

I slept like a baby last night (weird), got up at 7, went to breakfast at Over Easy Cafe (awesome), and came home finished a paper, did a little yoga and meditated. I feel great. 

And the people here are as nice as I thought they were 17 years ago.

New Experiences.

Ok, y'all...(yes, I'm in the South) here I am at another teacher training weekend and I think it is going to be transformative! They're taking us to a few nursing homes and having us work one on one with the residents...but...and here's the catch...with no preparation!! And who knows exactly what condition they may or may not have. OMG. This girl likes to prepare when it comes to working with clients of this nature. Throw me in a power yoga class all day and I have no problem but I've never "winged it" with a person who has say, cancer or alzheimer's.

So it should be pretty interesting how my mind will react to this scenario. Will I dive in and sing songs of just bringing it?? Or will I tear my hair out and run screaming from the room? I will keep you updated. And if I tear my hair out, I'll post pics. ;) 

xox, Sincerely ~ 

First time teaching in a nursing home.

Ely's to go

Looking for a good vegan spot in or around Trumbull or Mahoning County? Check out the link to the review I just did for Ely's to go in Boardman in The Vindicator.

Feel free to leave comments!

Hotel Diaries

When I worked at the hotel, there were so many interesting stories that I swore I was going to write a book about it. One day, I may stop talking about it and actually do it. 

Now that I live at the hotel (quite a relationship I've had with this place) I have a whole other perspective on it. So many people get starry eyed and say "how cool!" when I tell them that I'm living here. I think they get the image of someone making your bed and leaving a mint on your pillow or something. Housekeeping does not do our rooms and there are no mints. Sorry to burst the bubble. 

There are benefits to living in a hotel. There are also cons. I'm going to start chronicling some of those here for my amusement and hopefully yours.

What makes living in a hotel so exciting...

No. 1: Fire Alarms that go off at 2:30 until 3:30 in the morning and that you can't shut off (legally) even when you know nothing is wrong. Awesome. It is especially calming for cats, who just love unexplained e…