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Self Belief. :)

What is self doubt? Where does it come from?

I believe that self doubt is taking on the voices of others and believing those voices to be your own. It's not really our voice. Until someone told you that you couldn't or that it wasn't good enough, or that it was supposed to be something else...did you want it to be anything else?

That is their judgement, their attachment to how a thing should be. And if they want to create something that looks like it does in their mind, they have the freedom to do so. Paint your own picture!

The Power of Belief.

We people think we know ourselves. We think we know what we're good at, and more dangerously for our growth, we think we know what we're NOT good at.

So, how does this explain when someone says something about themselves that they are certain of and others just can't see it? For instance, I have a friend who recently said, "I'm not very creative." When I heard her say that, it made me have a tiny reaction inside. I want her to see that maybe she is creative, maybe she just wasn't allowed to be by others in the past. Maybe she didn't allow herself to be. I don't know.

Maybe I'm projecting, maybe she's really not creative...but I don't think it's that. (It may be a tiny bit projecting and as you read on you'll see why... but I do believe that everyone is creative in some way, if they allow themselves to be). It reminds me of those really thin people who are certain of how heavy they are. We are who we believe ourselves to be...

I re…
Open your mind and set your heart free.

One Year Anniversary.

Today is the one year anniversary of my yoga studio, yoga urth. 

It has been such a year of change and growth and travel and then sitting still and listening to my inner voice.

I have loved in the best way I knew how and hopefully that is acceptable to the universe.

I have hopefully served others in a way that allowed them to grow or love themselves more or understand themselves more and hopefully that is acceptable to the universe. 

I have learned.

I am so grateful for my studio, where it has come from and where it is going and for all of us who are along for that ride. 


may it keep being an adventure.


It is the first day of 2013. Time to set some intentions, some direction for where we want to go in this our lives. 

I heard a great idea from a girl that I just found on the internet, Gabrielle Bernstein who is an inspirational speaker. I shouldn't say girl, I suppose, I should say woman but I just get caught in the mode of calling my same age group boys and girls...when we're really 30 somethings...but isn't it all just a mindset anyway? Who cares what I call her, a girl or a woman? What is right or wrong about that? Totally sidetracking....sorry.

Back to the point. Her idea was (and I've actually heard this before but thought about it for the first time as a tradition on New Years Eve) to write down your intention on New Years Eve and then to burn it on New Years Day. But the reason to burn it is to trust. To let it go into the Universe and say...I release this to you. It's not mine to worry about anymore. 

It's like the God Jar. You take a jar and wh…