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Playlist Requests.

For G~ I found one playlist I have that was marked January and had Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah on it... 
Here it is! Hope it's what you were looking for.
Gone Til November ~ Wyclef Jean Freedom ~ George Michael Love No Limit ~ Mary J. Blige Can I Kick It? ~ Tribe Called Quest Heard Em Say ~ Kanye West Carry the Zero ~ Built to Spill Addicted to Love ~ Florence and the Machine Breakin My Heart ~ Mint Condition Praying For Time ~ George Michael Afraid ~ Nelly Furtado By Your Side ~ Sade Down to the River to Pray ~ Alison Krauss Dreaming with a Broken Heart ~ John Mayer Golden ~ Jill Scott Hallelujah ~ Jeff Buckley

Yellow. (poetry)


the sky opened wide
yet the truck sat still

violins played
through the windowsill

every inch held meaning
and i listen still

where are you within me
where are you without

somehow connected
in the silence and cloud

a lifetime passes in moments

some moments


the road grows long
into the distance

and yet all i can do is
                                  follow it with my eyes

Random musings.

I took a drive last night and this afternoon. One of those afternoons that you notice the shingles on top of the house to the right of the highway and they seem to have a meaning, a language of their own. Almost speaking to you like a painting that does it's job. Then you look to the left and the smoke rising up from the factory looks so beautiful even though you know in it's essence, it really isn't. And you sing. And you sigh. And you feel romantic.

I was in a romantic mood and the lighting was just perfect. If I hadn't been so tired, I would have grabbed my camera and gone shooting.

I have a lot coming up this year. Growth stuff.

The journey doesn't end. It just keeps on expanding. The canvas, wider.

Lioness Roar.

Some of you may have read my post awhile back about Warrior Moments. What that really came down to, for me, is this…I hate bullying. In any form, really. I hate it when it's blatant and in your face. I also hate it when it's passive, such as not allowing people to be who they are, or to make their own decisions in their time, in their heart-space. I've known how to stand up for others being bullied since I was a young child. My grandmother who has too many years passed away now was the main why so that I learned how to stand up for others. I stood up for her whenever I had to, which was unfortunate for both of us but our roles to play at the time. I'm eternally grateful to have had her in my life and grateful for those lessons that I learned.

Standing up for myself  in big ways but mostly the small ways that add up, has been a lifelong process that yoga has really helped me to dig down and find with an even greater ferocity. I think that we all can relate to that, thoug…

What's your moment? (poetry-ish)

What's your moment? 
30 seconds to live over again...
If you only had 30 seconds left of this shining existence.

So many moments.
So much meaning to be held 
In each one and together like hands and glances over shoulders.

Holding them in our hands
like so many marbles
waiting to fall, let them fall while you're here.

Ask me today
I say water. and sun. and love.
and the simple reflections

of your smile.
of happiness. of peace. of acceptance.
of a great and long awaited sigh, acceptance

of myself and the whole damn thing. 
ask me tomorrow 
and see what it may bring.

like she said, there's so many
but we have to choose
if you don't, you will miss the moment and the moment is all.

Submerged, I envision myself
gasping for air. But I made it. 
I made it. I am here.

Warrior Moments.

I'm a yoga girl. I practice, I meditate. I believe in peace. But last night, I was confronted by a situation with a very confrontational man while I was out celebrating with my friend for her/my belated birthdays. Just two girls only out to enjoy each other's company and have some laughs. Meanwhile, while sitting at the packed restaurant/bar, we were slowly infiltrated by a group of men. I started out by being nice when they were just in our general area because they weren't being disrespectful and you couldn't even say that they were hitting on us. Although, I'm guessing they didn't come around two girls by themselves because they hoped we would be lifelong friends. Either way, keep your respectful distance and all will be fine. There are no signals here, my friend. 

But this one guy really seemed to have a chip on his shoulder. He started talking to us in this condescending tone, like he had us pegged as bitchy girls who thought we were better than everybody. …