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So, it is Sunday and it is a gorgeous day in Jamaica. It has been very windy because of the tropical storms and for the past two nights I've been unsure when I woke up in the middle of the night if I wasn't in a hurricane, the noise of the wind was so loud. 

We are supposed to leave tomorrow but as we fly into Orlando airport, our flights may be canceled. I haven't been able to look yet. Internet has been such a luxury to me for the past three's hardly ever accessible and when it is, not for very long periods of time. Here in Jamaica, there is only internet in the business center if you buy time and who wants to sit in the business center in Jamaica??

One of the biggest things that I will have taken from my trip, both to Bali and to Jamaica, is laughter. It comes so readily to both cultures and is so refreshing and just lovely to be around. I find myself being happy just smiling at strangers who are laughing together. When I think back on this month traveling …

Bali Beauty

I've had so many great experiences here in Bali. Mostly having to do with the amazing people that I have met at the High Vibes yoga retreat at Soulshine. It was so fulfilling.

Landing in Denpassar almost two weeks ago with a girl I met on the plane coming from California who sells the clothes she buys in Bali at hippie fests across her own state, getting my visa, searching desperately for my driver amongst a throng of people outside, getting hit on shamelessly by said driver the entire way into Ubud who kept telling me "I am single now" (as if I could take advantage of the opportunity) being dropped off right before sundown in a strange place all by myself feeling a bit apprehensive.

Settling in, finding the yoga retreat online, signing up and diving into one of the best things I could have done for myself. If you ever thought about doing a retreat that concerns your, surfing, writing, whatever...DO IT! I met the best people, and more importantly, learned a …

2nd day in Bali

So, for my second and third nights I am staying in a place called Kenanga Hotel. This place is absolutely stunning. When you hear hotel or resort in America you automatically have an image in your mind. You can't do that exactly in Bali. The first place was also a resort. And while it was a beautiful surrounding, it was nothing like this place. Kenanga has 15 rooms total and it is breathtaking. I'm not sure what the rest of my stay here holds but I am so glad that I stayed here.

All in all, I will end up staying in 6 different lodgings, the last one being someone's personal home that I found on a bed and breakfast website. So, I will definitely get some different viewpoints on where to stay in Bali. I hope to use that knowledge at a future point in time when I return. :)

If you are coming to Bali, don't expect perfection in everything. Or should I say, it is perfectly imperfect. It is nothing like what I am used to and therefore exactly what I needed. This is how it is i…

1st pics


Settling In...

So, I am in Bali, lovelies...
It is 2:30 in the morning, the crickets are peacefully chirping, the mosquito net is placed romantically around the bed (I don't know why but I always think of the movie Out of Africa when I see a mosquito net, when I should really be thinking, 'don't get malaria') and I just woke up out of a strange dream to the sound of a kind of tapping on my window. I think it might have been a monkey because I staked out the window for a good amount of time and saw nothing. First night here. It is amazingly beautiful but completely different from what I know or expected so it will take a couple of days I think to settle into the rhythm of it.

Today doesn't really count although I have already experienced a few things that I will place in my memory pocket. But I am still very much out of sorts from traveling, feel dead in the head, which is understandable from 35 hours of travel and layovers. It will be worth the effort of the trip, I can feel it i…