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I was asked...

what my philosophy on life was. 
My philosophy on life is that one should face their fear and move beyond it into their full potential. Life is so large and offers us so much opportunity for love, for connection, for fulfilling our purpose. We must not let fear hold us back. Fear of the unknown, fear of ridicule, fear of failure, fear of being hurt, fear of being rejected. 
We must be able to sit through discomfort to find our peace. We must accept that we are whole people, with light and darkness; a conglomeration of opposites in this beautiful and ever changing package we get to carry around on this Earth for awhile. Will we carry it around with shame, guilt, fear of being the Light we are capable of being or will we shine that light brightly to combine with the shining of other Light(s) surrounding us and inspire the whole world in our doing so. 
Love. dance. play. cry. Be where you are. Feel your magnificent presence and keep going. You have much to do and experience. Do so with cour…

The Wind.

The wind has been blowing.
The wind has been blowing
through my body
and through this town.

The wind has been blowing.
And with it,
Bringing a chafer of change
a swig of unknown.

the floating of wonder
silence within noise
the drive to the coffee shop
the clouds in our eyes

all of it changing
all unsure
all unknown and daring
as the turn curves, surely

something will become steady
but no
it's not to be
and the truth is the change.

Just feeling the wind.


Good morning, world!
I'm kind of excited. There's a lot going on. 
I've been working with a life coach and she's amazing, although tough and real which I like, she will call you on your shit.  I'm becoming a life coach in the process. I also am getting a certification next weekend, even though you really don't need one. I always like to be over exposed I guess. It's really about how much you've experienced and just how much you can help others and I can't wait to get started. 
Just one thing, for example. So much of what we experience is really our own voices and patterns in our head and body. I've known this for a long time but I'm getting to an age where I can really help others with this knowledge. 
Choose your words carefully. Words have power. 
The Universe is always conspiring on my behalf. And so it is.

My Journey Into Silence and Through the Looking Glass. Vipassana Meditation.

Thinking about recounting my experience for the last two weeks seems like I would have to write a small novella. And so, I will just let the words flow and see what feels right.

So, I have been wanting to do this Vipassana 10 day silent meditation retreat for a strong two years now. Two years - and a bit ago - back I was really struggling with some personal foundational issues in my life. Yoga had opened me up where I had been comfortably closing myself off a little bit at a time. Even to myself. We all do this. At one point, or in one way or another.

I thought I would go to India to a Vipassana retreat but the more I considered the idea of being a woman traveling by myself to India for the first time and being already in need of reprieve, not a be on your toes and best awareness adventure... I rethought India at the time and I headed off instead to beautiful and peaceful Bali. Two years later, Vipassana has indeed happened, although in California instead of India. I will get to India o…

Moment of Golden.

Standing by the magnificence 
Struck still by the song
coming from beyond my comprehension
Coming from beyond man's existence

I could not see
And I walked away awhile
Until the crash came to my ears, the fall
Coming from where I had been

Sometimes it takes a shake
for us humans to truly look
And I did because I was told to 
absorb all the beauty I could take

There she was, right there, in all of her splendor
Golden as a beam of light
Golden falling on her from the afternoon
Golden was the moment as it stopped there

Magnificence stood and was aware
Staring right into my eyes
And the honesty of it made me blank
Made me lose words and just wonder

There was nothing to do but gaze
And I did, because I was told to
Until I woke up. still in her stare
And my instinct, though amazed, took foot.

I felt blessed. 
I felt touched by grace. 
I felt fear.
And it was all good. Because it was.