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Searching for the Sunrise.

Took a drive Searching for the sunrise All of my dreams Happening in the dark

Leap Away.

Day Five since I fell running (and leaping) in the woods. I'm just starting to feel a bit better today and I think I've concluded that I should keep my feet firmly on the ground. Until next time. 

Seriously, I know that I'm clumsy and I know that I will probably fall again but when I get the urge to leap....most of the time, I do it. I'm a girl of the heart, of the emotions with a good amount of sense that was hammered into me throughout my youth by my father. Thank God he was a strong willed man because I am definitely a strong willed girl. 

Fear is healthy for us, it makes us question if what we are doing is right for us, is right right now, etc... But when something larger than your sense of fear pushes you forward, you should at least give it a good listen. "Do one thing every day that scares you."~ Eleanor Roosevelt said. Great quote, but how many of us can actually say we do this everyday? It's almost impossible in a normal life. I wonder if Eleanor R…

yoga, photography, art in the woods of Connecticut.

Sunday I was recovering from an awful sickness and by Tuesday afternoon, I was in Connecticut with my lovely friend Angela taking yoga photos with Robert Sturman. I've been a big fan of his photography for about a year now so when I found out he had an opening...nothing was going to stop me, not illness or the 7 hour drive. I can't wait to see his photos... 

These are Angela's "behind the scenes" shots. She is a wonderful photographer in her own right. Check out her creative self at Truly, Madly, Deeply.

My Friend.

Moths in my chest flutter then stop
Their sweet, sticky tongues flickering long out to chomp on the carcass that throbs there unsteady 
Removing it would be of no consequence for it's already in shreds, useless yet the dull ache of it lets one know  that the rest of the body lives on 
Days of staring, holding devices That are meant to connect But I'm only divided... Where are you my friend
Did you brush my hair Did we look at the stars Yet even then I was looking on us As beloved memories from afar
Full with missing and heavy with desire.

Bows and Arrows.

So, just flexing my poetic muscles. I've written this one a bit ago...but decided to share it now. Please enjoy.

Bows and Arrows.

Go ahead, darling, show your ponies
I know that your dark horse will canter I may draw the curtains close  but I will certainly be waiting 
I will put the earl grey on lace it with some honey Boy, won't we have some fun With you sitting at my pantry
You will play the duchess  And I will play the king Although all of my powers are Stolen by the neighboring kingdom
Regardless, you wanted to soothe me Then led me out to the firing range But the targets got disheveled And you marched on to bows and arrows
Isn't it all just darling What could possibly be wrong  When there are picnic blankets strewn about And the hummingbirds sweet song?

Sweet Savannah.

Obviously, I have a thing for Savannah.

For whatever reason, it is one of the places that has sat romantically in my mind for a long time without ever having been there until this past summer. And now, I know why.

The people are lovely. They are local born and raised mixed with a fair amount of transplants that fell in love with it just like I did and they all mesh together so smilingly. So many people smile in this city and want to talk to you and share why they love Savannah.

There is so much culture and history. You don't have to know it, because you can simply feel it. But if you would like to know it, there are so many tours to help you with that.

There is so much good food. Are you kidding me? Southern Cuisine at it's finest. Paula Deen has a restaurant here, in case that point was up for debate. I didn't get to go there but I did visit some fine BBQ establishments and a beautiful rooftop restaurant on top of The Bohemian hotel. And, of course, as everyone who goes to Sa…