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Like Poetry?

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Happy girl

Greek lasagna in my belly...a hot bath...all that's missing is a glass of wine. But that will have to wait until after Greek Easter! Seriously, this giving stuff up is no joke! Everyone should try it, it builds character! Or maybe I just want you to be suffering along with me, I don't know...

Anyway, a full day of child yoga training and I am exhausted. So are the rest of my yoga girls. But it's so good to know that we have now got this under our belts, as they say. Another day tomorrow and we're on our way to kids yoga certification. 

Goodnight blog world!



A Patchwork Quilt of Love

Hello lovelies!

I just wanted to share my second Elephant Journal article with you. Funny how yoga has given me the courage to put my voice out there in a bigger way. Yoga is such a key to unlocking yourself, if you let it be that.

Please check out the article! Any response is certainly welcome!!



Grand Opening

Hello all! 

How are you today? I hope well.

I'm sitting here, at my computer with papers all around me, as usual these days, and trying to get focused on business instead of my fun Grand Opening party on Thursday!! 

To advertise, or not advertise. To do more trainings and which ones. To read all your emails and to send out a few yourself. All of these things are necessary to think about! But I have to tell you, I can't wait for the party! :) 

All (or most excluding those who sadly can't make it and will be missed!) of the people who are my biggest supporters, some people who have recently fallen in love with yoga and some who are about to and don't even know it exciting is that?? Add to that, great food and a free yoga class given by one of my closest (and newest!) friends and I am nearly ecstatic.

Who knew that all of this would happen in under a year? Only God. Not this girl, that's for sure. But I am oh so grateful. Hope to see some of you there! 

xoxo world…


My latest joy has been providing workshops at the studio. Oh my goodness, they are so much fun!! Two hours focused on one topic really allows you the space and time to delve into the information because, as any yogi knows,  there is usually so much more information behind what you are doing in any given class. It is so nice to break it down and really get it. 

Can't wait, going to schedule some more very soon! 

So grateful for the people who are a part of them!!