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Be Inspired, Inspire.

I've been going through my posts from the last year and a half that I never posted and cleaning house. Deciding what should be cleared out of the drafts forever and what should have life. It feels good to be getting lighter. To be here now, be present for what is happening. Life is not about always being perfect, it's about being present. Showing up in this moment with as much grace as you can.

Life is so big and so precious and so small and miraculous within all of those little moments. I watched a video today that was so inspiring about a man and the difference that he makes in his daily life. It made me realize all over again how much we can do just being present in the life that is given to us. Given to us! There need be no searching. It all comes to you, be there for it. You are a miracle. The whole world is being created by you right now. Create something beautiful, but create something real. 

Watch the video here. Let me warn you as I did when I posted this on Facebook ea…

Mount Batur, Bali 2012