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Can Can Cleanse.

So. I'm doing a juice cleanse. God knows I need one. You know how people are calling themselves the Bad Yogi or the Rebel Yogi these days? That should totally be my name when it comes to my diet. 

I'm a girl who loves to eat. Eating has always been my, well, bad friend since late childhood. Thank God I was blessed with a high metabolism or it wouldn't have been easy to stay somewhat thin. When I was a teenager...I put away some serious food. I won't even go into it. And I wasn't throwing it up either. I was all in.

And now...well, I had cut out meat for the most part in Ohio but since coming to California that has changed again. Primarily because the meat is more organic here and because we're exploring the foodscape. 

But when you're an Ohio girl moving to California you think, wow, it's going to be so easy to eat fresh, etc. That has not been the case. We have found more pizza, burgers, fries, oysters, greek food, you name it. I don't know if it'…