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I want to run out into 
the grass behind this cut out I look out from
and fade away into it.

I want to become one with it
feeling the beat 
of immortality.

I want to let go of all my
and scurrying and trying to be "better."

Having faith that this
just is
and that there is no tomorrow.

There is always now
and now
and now.

And God sits with you there.
Shining like the sun.

Do you feel it?

My Personal Connection with Homelessness.

We all put on faces at times. I think we all hate doing that, right? Sometimes it feels safer to wear a face, sometimes you don't even know that you're doing it, it just happens as a result of doing it repeatedly. I'm over safe. I'm into real now. Real is not always easy...but it is the only way to get to peace and happiness, I believe. 

Mostly everyone who knows me very well knows that I was raised by my father (who adopted me at age 6, and who is no holds bar, my DAD... he raised me and I am so grateful for him) and my mother who I was born by. Less know of my biological father and his sometimes serious mental illness. This caused him to not be very keen at being a husband to my mother who left him, nor a father to me who he lost custody of, nor a son to my grandmother who he continued to abuse until almost the day she died.

I will say that while I had plenty of anger towards him for many years, mostly he just made me feel sad. And that is primarily the emotional respo…