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Slow Truth.

You will hear thunder and remember me, 
and think: she wanted storms... ~ Anna Akhmatova

This quote made me think of something I woke up and wrote the other day...
As I heard the wind rustling over the long grasses outside, I shivered further down beneath the covers. It was a cold and forward wind.There's a slow truth coming, I thought to myself, and it's not going to be an easy one.

I write fiction and poetry and am listening more and more to my creative voice, which I had silenced for years. Whatever becomes of it, I cannot know..but it feels good to let the steam out of the kettle.

The Best Savasana Songs on the Planet.

As a yoga studio owner and a yoga instructor, I am always looking for that perfect song to send my clients home with after an awesome practice. But sometimes, after I put a song on, I will find myself thinking, is this really the perfect song? Is it too sad, too upbeat, too this, too that? 

Obviously, it's very important to me (and if you're a yoga teacher too, I know you feel the same!) So, with this post, it is my goal to research and find my most perfect Savasana songs (on the planet).

I will add to this post as I find more songs that I feel to be absolutely perfect for delicious Savasana moments!

Blackbird by The Beatles or Sarah McLachlanDream Baby Dream by Bruce SpringsteenEnter One by Sol SeppyGift of Light by Nadama and ShastroGod is Real/Hare Ram by Krishna DasGopala Lullaby by Ben Leinback and Jai UttalImagine by Jack JohnsonInseparable Universe by Mars LasarInto the Mystic by Van MorrisonLove Will Take You by Angus and Julia StoneLullaby by Trevor HallLet it Be by Caro…

Random Thoughts (that may turn into something someday...).

I found myself called in the very early mornings out into the world, capturing it's beauty on film. Sometimes just being present to it. Listening for signs amongst the silence. 

Anatomy and Such.

I'm sitting in my room, finding myself hard pressed to concentrate on ANYTHING. I keep drifting here and there and everywhere because my brain is thank you...I don't need any more stuff in here at the moment.

But I have homework to finish. So get to it, brain! I promise I will relax you at the latest, by November. A nice long break for you. I mean, teaching and running the business still...but probably no new trainings on the horizon for awhile. Nothing this intense, anyway. (Do I sound like I may jump into something on a moment's notice? Kind of how I jumped into the Bryan Kest training in Mexico in August that may just put me over the edge on top of my 500 hour yoga therapy training?? ya...) 

Besides, when I make myself (more importantly make my brain) do this homework, it is really so interesting. Right now I'm brushing up on some anatomy. I really wish I knew this stuff inside and out but the body is so incredibly intricate, it's very difficult and es…

52 Life List.

In light of my friend Alex Moody's post on 52 Life List...I decided to create my own. It wasn't does take more time than I thought it would. But here it is. Let's see where it takes me. :)

Hopefully this inspires someone out there to do their own life list. 

1.  Travel to teach yoga in other states. 
2.  Travel to teach yoga in other countries.
3.  Travel, more, period and write about it. (check...)
4.  Write more, period. (check). 
5.  Get published as a poet. 
6.  Get published as a short story writer.
7.  Have a baby (Pretty sure about this one).
8.  Have a house.
9.  Skydive.
10. Learn to play the guitar.
11. Travel to India to an ashram.
12. Travel to Bretagne (France) and eat oysters and fresh caramels (not at the same time).
13. Meet the Dalai Lama. Or at least hear him speak live.
14. Meet Pema Chodron. Or at least hear her speak live.
15. Get a tattoo.
16. Get a handle on handstand. (Getting this one!!) :)
17. Arm wrestle forearm stand and beat it's ass.
18. Travel to …

A Little Time on a Wednesday Afternoon. (photos)

Photography has been a hobby of mine since I received my first camera at the age of 5. I took a TON of photos of my first cabbage patch doll. Some of her lying in the grass, some of her on the swing set, she also liked her picture taken while sitting on the porch... 

I used to want to be a photojournalist, used to develop my own photos in my parent's basement but for whatever really just remains a hobby for me, even though it brings me so much joy to capture an image well.

One of my friends who I've known as long as I have loved to take pictures asked me to take her and her daughters photos so we carved out some time yesterday...and I'm posting my faves here.