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Hello world!

What a wild and crazy world, you are.

Question: You know how when we were little and your parents would say something seemingly dramatic because you couldn't believe it, like...I don't feel such and such age, I still feel 25. And you were thinking, wow, no way, how could you be so out of touch with reality? You're so much older than that!!?

Haha, I am at 37 years old. Amused at my former self. I don't know that I can quantify what age I feel, but I certainly don't feel like I've gotten it figured out enough to be 37 years old. I still feel like I'm on a voyage of discovery. Why do we think when we are younger that at this age, or that one, you will feel certain of everything and have nothing to figure out but just live. I certainly don't want to be that person who thinks they know everything anymore because I'm so curious about the world and there would be nowhere to grow.

Next stop. 10 day meditation in California. It's inte…

Adventures and Soundtracks.

Meant to drive down to Wilmington last night just so I could spend a half a day there this morning. I've always wanted to see it. Ended up in Richmond, Virginia after three big old traffic back ups. Luckily, they didn't seem to be on account of car accidents as much as nonsense, which makes sense, because there is full moon trickery going on. So, I guess I will see Wilmington on Monday.

Now I will just head on down to Easley, S.C. so that I can do this aerial training with Linda...who is one of my 500 hour yoga sisters. So cool that she's now doing aerial training and when we were meeting up in Asheville last year, she had just started experimenting with it. And I just finished my own 200 hour training with 8 beautiful graduates. Things can change fast. Or slow. As we all know by now. 

I had a great time shuffling between the music app Beats and my old iPod tracks, those of which survived the transfer to the Galaxy. (speaking of which, I can't wait to go back to the iPho…