Beginners Mind.

I like to challenge myself and I don't mind not being the expert in the room. Sometimes people get caught up in looking the part so much that they can't be in a place of growth because they can't possibly put themselves in a place of discomfort. 

I don't need anyone to make me look good. 

I know that I can look good all on my own. Because I study. Because I practice. But most of all, because I truly care. And I know that it lands because I help people to transform. I am always looking for growth myself and am willing to transform, even though change is frightening for most of us. And I help to provide that for others and I'll place myself in the fire so that I can grow and continue to be there and present for what others truly need to succeed. 

Let's start a fire. In ourselves and others. 

Much love.


Erin Kouvas said…
You're so kind to me, Mary Swan-Bell. <3

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