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Playlist Requests.

February 28th:

Burning Down the House; Talking Heads
Do I Wanna Know; Arctic Monkeys
Clarity (feat Foxes); ZEDD
Music Sounds Better With You; Stardust
Dog Days Are Over; Florence and the Machine
XO; Beyonce
The Beautiful Ones; Prince
About Today; The National
Glory and Gore; Lourde
Hey Now; London Grammar
Blind River Boy; Amy Correia
Start At the Beginning; Among Savages
Down to the River to Pray; Alison Kraus
Sun Greets the Sky; Among Savages
Joyful Girl; Ani DiFranco

Pattern Breaking.

I've been thinking a lot lately about patterns. Not clothing. But patterns of action, of thought. We all have them and they're so engrained in us that many of us don't even give them a second thought. We just think, oh, this is how this is…and that is how that is…we have everything so figured out. God forbid we question ourselves or the situation. A wise man said to me recently, "I don't know, and I'm not really interested in the answer. Questions are so much more interesting, don't you think?"

I just read a quote somewhere by Thich Nhat Hanh that said, 

When you plant lettuce, if it does not grow well, you don't blame the lettuce. You look into the reasons it is not doing well. It may need fertilizer, or more water, or less sun. You never blame the lettuce. Yet if we have problems with our friends or our family, we blame the other person. But if we know how to take care of them, they will grow well, like lettuce. Blaming has no positive effect at a…

Playlist Requests.

In response to numerous requests about playlists being posted from people in class, including one tonight…I'm gonna start posting them here for you.  I just randomly picked these two lists. The one from May 21st, I picked even though it's short because I play this Any Other Name song A LOT for gentle class, savasana, or just relaxing. And the rest are pretty good getting down songs. I just noticed The National song is on both lists…well, it's that good. My friend Megan Flamer introduced me to it in Bali and it's perfect. 

xo, more lists to come soon, 


May 21st:

Any Other Name                Thomas Newman
Bloodbuzz Ohio                 The National
Mirrors                                Justin Timberlake
Get Lucky                          (feat. Pharrell Williams)
I Didn't Mean It                  The Belle Brigade
We Can't Be Friends           Lorena Scafaria

August 31st:

Abhyasa                                  Tom Colletti
Bloodbuzz Ohio                   …

The Thrill of Creating

Almost every day, I lead a yoga class. Sometimes two. Sometimes three.

And the truth of the matter is, 99% of the time, I have no idea what we're going to do until I begin. Until every body is settled into Child's Pose (Balasana), or Reclined Bound Angle (Supta Badha Konasana) or even ahhhhh, Savasana.

When I first graduated from my 200 hour program, I followed the poses of Baron Baptiste's "skeleton" religiously, clinging to it like a child to their blanket. I went from 1 or 2 people in class to 10 or 12 and sometimes (gasp!) 25. And with each number that clicked up, fear settled in and I had to step over that line in the sand and deliver.

Luckily, I had also been introduced to the idea of not sticking to any outline even before I had graduated and so the courage to push a little this way or that came very quickly and I would use those same poses, maybe, but put them in a different order or take some out completely.  

This idea was introduced to me by the people of …

Theme Songs.

This morning I awoke and jumped out of bed, looking at the alarm clock that stared back at me. One minute longer until it was to go off. I laid back down, thinking how funny it is that we sometimes wake up with that sense of urgency. Then, my alarm clock went off and Al Green was singing to me from inside of it…Let's Get It On. What a great song to wake up to.

Immediately I thought about how when I was in my twenties, I was obsessed with the show Ally McBeal. She was a quirky, pretty and, um, original girl just trying to figure it out. At one point in the show, they introduced the concept of a theme song, like a personal song that goes with the character. Ally's therapist had told her to find her own theme song that she could draw upon whenever she needed strength. Ally chose Tell Him, I believe…

I always thought it was pretty cool to have a theme song but it was really hard for me to choose just one. 

So, when the song came on this morning, I laughed. It was as if the Universe i…

Beginner's Mind and Heart.

I am currently consistently working on the teacher training manual for the upcoming training. Studying the excel spreadsheet for the new Yoga Alliance qualifications with what is required and what I am focusing on. Reading, scheduling, etc... It's so much work. And yet, it's so very exciting. 

I can't wait to break down poses with my students. Get in there and talk about pranayama, fleshing it out from theory into reality.
They say to teach what you want to learn. I want to learn it all more and more. :)

I want to be the kind of teacher who inspires my students to be better than me. I want to never be afraid that I don't know something or pretend that I know everything. I want to always be curious. I want to love the question more than the answer. 

I believe that this teacher training is such an important step, so destined for all of us that are a part of it. So excited to grow together.

Love this quote…from the mouth of Einstein…such a genius and yet so humble. What a role…

Krakus Polish Deli and Bakery review for the Vindicator.

As I am writing this article, I am chewing on a huge bite of Kielbasa Sub with sauerkraut. I absolutely could not wait to get home today and dig into all of my delectables from Krakus Polish Deli and Bakery. Today was truly a day I was happy to be a restaurant reviewer because it brought me to this little gem of a place at 7050 Market Street in Boardman.
Currently, I have seven to go boxes in front of me. One is Stuffed Cabbage (6.50) and it is stuffed with beef, rice and tomato sauce. Another two are Pierogies (3.50 for 1/2 dozen), one with sauerkraut and mushroom and the other your classic potato and cheese. There is the Kielbasa Sub (4.50) that I was so rudely chewing on when I first spoke to you here. There is a box with a variety of smoked kielbasas (5.99-7.49) which they ship in from Chicago. And there are two selections from the bakery, Chrust (12 for 4.25, similar to Italian wands) and Paczi (1.00 a donut, pronounced Punch key) a Polish donut filled with raspberry jelly and top…

Home is…a feeling.

I'm a girl who likes to go for a drive every now and then. I used to drive for a living, only for a short period of my life, across the United States. No, I didn't drive a semi, although I always think those ladies (as well as ladies who drive their own motorcycles) are badass. I drove cars, as part of a promotion for Nissan. That's another story. Anyway, it afforded me a decent pay to drive cross country and that has always been a joy and a skill of mine. Or at least it's something that I'm good at, where other people might get annoyed with sitting in a car for that long.

Last night, I was feeling especially cooped up after being on my computer for hours and so I jumped in my Jeep and just went for a drive. Inadvertently, I went for a trip down memory lane as well. When you have lived in and out of this town for as long as I have, I guess it can't be helped. It went something like this, 'Here's where I used to live, where I caught frogs and crayfish and…