dragons and heroes.

what can i write about for this 30 day challenge?

write your truest sentence, as ernest hemingway says. my truest sentence. 

i'm in deep and i have found peace within. 

nothing can stop me now from this path of self discovery, of the digging and smoothing the dirt. digging and smoothing the dirt. sifting through to find the gold and to find the stones that no longer belong. 

i have only just begun and it seems that i have so far to go but i am not looking at the horizon. i cannot look there because it is so far away and so uncertain. i can only look right here in front of me and see what i have in my hands. what road lays beneath my feet right now. where should this very next step land? if i am thinking about my step 30, 40, 50 steps from now, how will i ever truly experience this one right here and now? how will i feel the land beneath my feet so sweet and present? how will i know it so fully, that i spiritually know where the next one truly goes from there?

i wish that i had more knowledge than i do. i have always wished that. but i only have the knowledge that i have and can only make my moves from there. the best that i have to give. the experience that i have gathered and will continue to collect upon my bones as i roll through this world.

i continue to grow my heart and to give it to others. i have a special container of water that is sacred and reserved for watering the roots of my heart. the roots go very deep. sometimes i hide the branches, though. sometimes i even hide the trunk that is above the surface because of fear. i am holding a sword of light in my hand. i am conquering the fear of the dragon that destroys hearts by not loving them. that dragon is not even the real enemy, the fear is. and that's why i'm conquering the fear instead. that dragon is scared too. that is what is so ironic here. the dragons are just as afraid as the heroes and both of them just want to be loved. 


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