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I want to run out into 
the grass behind this cut out I look out from
and fade away into it.

I want to become one with it
feeling the beat 
of immortality.

I want to let go of all my
and scurrying and trying to be "better."

Having faith that this
just is
and that there is no tomorrow.

There is always now
and now
and now.

And God sits with you there.
Shining like the sun.

Do you feel it?

My Personal Connection with Homelessness.

We all put on faces at times. I think we all hate doing that, right? Sometimes it feels safer to wear a face, sometimes you don't even know that you're doing it, it just happens as a result of doing it repeatedly. I'm over safe. I'm into real now. Real is not always easy...but it is the only way to get to peace and happiness, I believe. 

Mostly everyone who knows me very well knows that I was raised by my father (who adopted me at age 6, and who is no holds bar, my DAD... he raised me and I am so grateful for him) and my mother who I was born by. Less know of my biological father and his sometimes serious mental illness. This caused him to not be very keen at being a husband to my mother who left him, nor a father to me who he lost custody of, nor a son to my grandmother who he continued to abuse until almost the day she died.

I will say that while I had plenty of anger towards him for many years, mostly he just made me feel sad. And that is primarily the emotional respo…

Darkness and Light, Darling.

Something happened today that made me very sad about humanity and I didn't even leave my room because I am sick. I know that this is meant to teach me something. I know that life is beautiful but sometimes things happen, conversations happen, life happens and it makes us doubt. 

I am going to meditate. The answer will come. 

And I'm back. 

The answer was pretty much yin and yang, darkness and light, darling. It takes all of it to make up our world. All of us are on our own path, and maybe we can't understand other's paths sometimes, but that doesn't mean it's not all unfolding exactly as it's meant to. 

As a friend once told me, all we can do our best every day. Amen. Take the bad with as much grace as possible and suck every droplet out of the good in our lives. And shine that good on...

Can't sleep, time to write poems.

Maggie likes to look at 
the sun coming through the veiny leaves.

In her black work boots
she walks to the fields just to be.

And what may be her future
Or what may be her past, you say?

Well, how can one be sure of that
in her big black work boots, anyway?

High heels, maybe are better at pretending, 
but she can't afford those.

Wouldn't feel right on her pinky toes.
'Sides, they might be tight and she doesn't like that.

She just likes this sun on the leaves 
and the field brushing her shins.

She likes the question in her mouth
and the mystery of movement unknown.


I dreamt of an agony hammer
aiming for me 
again and

It was shiny and new
and I thought, 
ought not to get it dirty

And I stopped it
but it was persistent
and it made me 

And your calm breath
flowed at an even pace
you relaxed like the

I lie tight
Like a fishing reel
Wound to extremes and


This girl is tired. It's settled into my bones like the chill of the weather changing. It's good to feel tired. I haven't let myself feel it in a long time and have been running fast for two years now. Let it go. Right? 

I hope all of you out there settle into yourselves like a warm blanket on this fall day. Whatever it is, let yourself be there. 

Sending you love and acceptance. 

Namaste, lovely people.

Singing for Autumn.

As fall starts to gently creep in here in days, cold days, hot days, cold days... and I begin to see the top of the ocean that I have created for myself from the view of about 100 feet under, I also start to wonder what will be up there at the top? 

Yoga Therapy 500 hour teacher training is done at the end of October (hooray!!) and as I described to the group in Asheville during one of our circle times together, I feel as if I'm making a soup but I just can't be sure of the flavor. What will come of this time that I've spent learning and growing? 

I know that I have gained some amazing knowledge. I know that I have met some amazing people. I have sat in meditation and done a lot of work in yoga and personally. I feel stronger in myself and more at ease with myself than ever before. That does not mean, however, that I know what comes next. I most certainly do not. I love, love, love what I do. Teaching and practicing yoga both feel very authentic and sit well with …

The Power of Words, the Study of Water.

I found this study mentioned about three months ago where water is prayed upon and the energy of the words spoken is seen in the way that the water molecules group together and display themselves. I quickly searched for it online and found this photo.

I don't have any evidence, and haven't had time to really research it myself but Deva Premal just mentioned it in something that I was listening to the other day and I thought, I really wanted to put this out there and you can make what you want of it. The thought continues that our bodies are made up of 75% of water and therefore...words are indeed very powerful.

Om Shanti ~

Be Inspired, Inspire.

I've been going through my posts from the last year and a half that I never posted and cleaning house. Deciding what should be cleared out of the drafts forever and what should have life. It feels good to be getting lighter. To be here now, be present for what is happening. Life is not about always being perfect, it's about being present. Showing up in this moment with as much grace as you can.

Life is so big and so precious and so small and miraculous within all of those little moments. I watched a video today that was so inspiring about a man and the difference that he makes in his daily life. It made me realize all over again how much we can do just being present in the life that is given to us. Given to us! There need be no searching. It all comes to you, be there for it. You are a miracle. The whole world is being created by you right now. Create something beautiful, but create something real. 

Watch the video here. Let me warn you as I did when I posted this on Facebook ea…

Mount Batur, Bali 2012