Playlist Requests.

February 28th:

Burning Down the House; Talking Heads
Do I Wanna Know; Arctic Monkeys
Clarity (feat Foxes); ZEDD
Music Sounds Better With You; Stardust
Dog Days Are Over; Florence and the Machine
XO; Beyonce
The Beautiful Ones; Prince
About Today; The National
Glory and Gore; Lourde
Hey Now; London Grammar
Blind River Boy; Amy Correia
Start At the Beginning; Among Savages
Down to the River to Pray; Alison Kraus
Sun Greets the Sky; Among Savages
Joyful Girl; Ani DiFranco


Geeg said…
There was a playlist from a Jan class (I think) that had Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah. Would you still have that list? Good stuff on that one.
Erin Kouvas said…
Geeg, the thing is that a lot of times, I just kind of dj through the class. :) I'll check it out and post another one that has hallelujah. I love that song. xo

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