Playlist Requests.

In response to numerous requests about playlists being posted from people in class, including one tonight…I'm gonna start posting them here for you.  I just randomly picked these two lists. The one from May 21st, I picked even though it's short because I play this Any Other Name song A LOT for gentle class, savasana, or just relaxing. And the rest are pretty good getting down songs. I just noticed The National song is on both lists…well, it's that good. My friend Megan Flamer introduced me to it in Bali and it's perfect. 

xo, more lists to come soon, 


May 21st:

Any Other Name                Thomas Newman
Bloodbuzz Ohio                 The National
Mirrors                                Justin Timberlake
Get Lucky                          (feat. Pharrell Williams)
I Didn't Mean It                  The Belle Brigade
We Can't Be Friends           Lorena Scafaria

August 31st:

Abhyasa                                  Tom Colletti
Bloodbuzz Ohio                      The National
Everything                               Kaskade
Give It Away                           Red Hot Chili Peppers
Across the Universe                 David Bowie
Addicted to Love                     Florence and the Machine
After the Storm                        Mumford and Sons
All I Need                                Radiohead
Breath Control                         MC Yogi
Angel's Prayer                         Ty Burhoe, Krishna Das
Feelin Love                             Paula Cole
Driftin Blues                            Eric Clapton
Asana                                      Tom Colletti
Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was    Radiohead
Bloom (Bonus Track)             The Paper Kites
For Emma                                Bon Iver


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