Beginner's Mind and Heart.

I am currently consistently working on the teacher training manual for the upcoming training. Studying the excel spreadsheet for the new Yoga Alliance qualifications with what is required and what I am focusing on. Reading, scheduling, etc... It's so much work. And yet, it's so very exciting. 

I can't wait to break down poses with my students. Get in there and talk about pranayama, fleshing it out from theory into reality.
They say to teach what you want to learn. I want to learn it all more and more. :)

I want to be the kind of teacher who inspires my students to be better than me. I want to never be afraid that I don't know something or pretend that I know everything. I want to always be curious. I want to love the question more than the answer. 

I believe that this teacher training is such an important step, so destined for all of us that are a part of it. So excited to grow together.

Love this quote…from the mouth of Einstein…such a genius and yet so humble. What a role model for us as teachers. Teaching for the love of learning. Simple. 



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