Hotel Diaries

When I worked at the hotel, there were so many interesting stories that I swore I was going to write a book about it. One day, I may stop talking about it and actually do it. 

Now that I live at the hotel (quite a relationship I've had with this place) I have a whole other perspective on it. So many people get starry eyed and say "how cool!" when I tell them that I'm living here. I think they get the image of someone making your bed and leaving a mint on your pillow or something. Housekeeping does not do our rooms and there are no mints. Sorry to burst the bubble. 

There are benefits to living in a hotel. There are also cons. I'm going to start chronicling some of those here for my amusement and hopefully yours.

What makes living in a hotel so exciting...

No. 1: Fire Alarms that go off at 2:30 until 3:30 in the morning and that you can't shut off (legally) even when you know nothing is wrong. Awesome. It is especially calming for cats, who just love unexplained ear splitting noises. Luckily, my dog is deaf and has no problem whatsoever with this happening and is smiling ear to ear due to the unexplained midnight visit. Yay. 


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