Being With.

Today our yoga therapy group split into groups of two, half of us going to an independent living facility and the other half of us going to an assisted living facility. I got all my nervousness out about it yesterday and today was just really open to whatever it wanted to be. I was assigned to the assisted living facility. At first it didn't seem like we would be welcomed very easily in. There are still misconceptions about yoga, especially with an older population that hasn't been exposed to it,  plus the fact that some people are dealing with depression, and whatever ailments they may have, etc...

But I ended up talking to three women today, part of the time doing yoga and partly just listening to their lives...and they were Dot, Jeanne and Georgette. They all had things to teach me. 

Dot taught me that whatever age, whatever circumstance, you can always laugh. I love people who's a very attractive quality. I complimented her on her smile because it was infectious. She smiled in response.

Jeanne taught me to persevere, as a 92 year old blind woman who had had every bone in her body broken in a car accident and raised 8 children. I would love to go back and see her again.

And Georgette taught me to see past what people show you to who they really are. And that is always a gift. Even if the person doesn't know it about themselves and they try to convince you otherwise. I think I truly enjoyed her most of all. 

And I was reminded again that everyone has a story, no matter if they appear to have one or not. And that being present for people of an older generation is so important, even if you don't know them. Hopefully one day someone will be there for us when we're older but if not, I'm trying to learn now to be happy in myself and accept what is, and breathe. 

Grateful for my time today and for these incredible women who are in this program with me. As we all went around and told our stories after our visit, I know I wasn't the only one looking at everyone that we're surrounded by and being impressed with the depth and the caring that was contained in that circle. 

Ever learning...



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