New Experiences.

Ok, y'all...(yes, I'm in the South) here I am at another teacher training weekend and I think it is going to be transformative! They're taking us to a few nursing homes and having us work one on one with the residents...but...and here's the catch...with no preparation!! And who knows exactly what condition they may or may not have. OMG. This girl likes to prepare when it comes to working with clients of this nature. Throw me in a power yoga class all day and I have no problem but I've never "winged it" with a person who has say, cancer or alzheimer's.

So it should be pretty interesting how my mind will react to this scenario. Will I dive in and sing songs of just bringing it?? Or will I tear my hair out and run screaming from the room? I will keep you updated. And if I tear my hair out, I'll post pics. ;) 

xox, Sincerely ~ 

First time teaching in a nursing home.


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