Something I've battled with starting around age 31, 32 (5, 6 years ago). 

Obviously, it has kicked in again tonight. I decided no more lying around in bed about it. I'm listening to my body and if it wants to be up, I'll be up. I don't think it's particularly good to lie in bed and let your frustration build and not sleep at the same time. Lose, lose. 

I've been doing pretty well with sleeping lately...but the last few nights have been difficult. I am still, all the same, quite happy to be off of my Ambien for a good six months now.

Legs up the Wall, Viparita Kirani ( has become my new Ambien and it usually works quite well. If you struggle with insomnia, you may want to try this pose for 5-10 minutes before bed. It helps me (normally).

As for right now...I think I will organize my office. Yay. 

xo~ Erin

Looking oddly awake at 4 am. 


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