We don’t and can’t always move with grace. Sometimes, we reach unchartered territory. The landscape is barren and scary and hurts our bare feet to walk upon it. When we reach these places, we must keep going. We forge ahead, the best that we know how, taking quick uncomfortable steps, stopping completely sometimes to look around and see where we have come to, if we can even see the way back anymore, if what we are moving towards is in fact anything we want. 

It is in these moments that we must wait for grace to come to us. Sometimes, it takes longer than we would like. These are the moments of pain, of growth. The roots winding through the earth at a slow and steady pace, stretching past the point that they ever felt comfortable going. But seeing at last, that it is all for the greater good, that just as the tip of the root reaches an obstacle, it simply and must wind it’s way around that obstacle toward further growth. Towards life.

One of my heroes, Andrea Balt, has a blog and she posted a writing on being human (click here to see it) via Jeanette LeBlanc on August 27th. I think it is beautiful. 


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