Life is Worth Living.

You don't have to be anyone's solution in life. That's a lot of responsibility. If you have children...yes. But even them, not when they're adults. You don't have to be anyone's question in life. Also, a lot of responsibility, a lot of pressure. 

What I mean to say is that you need to be yourself first. Experiencing life as your "self", allowing yourself the space to move from authenticity, being healthy and whole is all of our own  responsibilities.

Relationships are so important. Making sure that we are coming from a place of authenticity allows those relationships to be built on a solid foundation and to grow into something beautiful and lasting. 

Take a shower, put your fingertips in the water coming down upon you and actually feel it. Take a moment in silence and feel yourself breathing. You are alive, a creation...born to create your life. Create...and then share. 


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