Dance of Bali

During my trip to Bali, of course I wanted to go see some of their culture and that includes their traditional dance. Yukari, my new yogini friend from Japan, found this one and so Lowell, Yukari and I fully enjoyed this performance together one night under the stars at Gunung Sari Temple.

The story goes like this, a king meets a princess of a neighboring country who has lost her way in the forest. (poor princess)... the king proposes to her but the princess is already engaged and of course...has no choice in the matter. The king, who now cannot live without her, invades the neighboring country to fight the prince, but loses the war.   
the dancing is so very beautiful. 

Later, the fight of Barong (a holy forest dwelling animal) and Rangda (a witch living in the sea) fight. According to the Balinese, balance is kept by bipolar entities opposing each other. God and the Devil, Life and Death, Earth and Sea, etc... 

The pictures from here down are from the Kecak Fire Dance, where I got to dance in the circle with the clowns during Intermission! So fun.


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