Bali Buda

Bali Buda is one of the best places to be in Ubud, Bali...period. It is a bakery/health food store/coffee shop and it has the cutest little restaurant upstairs as well that is great to relax and have breakfast in. It would be a dream to live here and own this business. Or even just to go there every morning for their incredible rolls, croissants and muffins. Or maybe one of each, just saying.

One morning, as I had my nose pressed to the wire baskets covering the baked goods willing all of the breads in at once with my nostrils, I heard a man laugh beside me, telling me that he lived in Ubud and had never done that. I was completely consumed and hadn't realized anyone was even around me. I told him he should try it, to which he started talking about his favorite smell in Bali, the incense in the air as he drove around on his motorcycle. While it's true Bali has it's choice of good smells...Bali Buda tops my list!


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