Letters in Your Heart

We all have people in our lives that we wish we could say something to but maybe they are passed away...or maybe life has just happened in a way so that you can't say what you want...or maybe you should really just call and tell that person if they are still alive... only you know what is right for your life deep down in your very center.

I am very much an advocate for communication, but life does have it's grey areas, doesn't it? Sometimes even when you speak, words cannot and will not be enough to convey your meaning.

When this is the case, at least I believe in this...there is an energy in all of us. You can feel it when you want something very badly or when you lose someone you love, or when you are truly inspired. It may sit in different places for some of us, maybe in our guts or our minds. For me it resides in my chest, clawing to get out, fluttering like a bird in a cage. 

I believe that this energy finds its way into the hearts, minds and souls of these people who can't hear you. Remember in Eat, Pray, Love when Richard and Elizabeth are having this conversation...??

"But I love him." 
"So, love him."
"But I miss him."
"So miss him. Send him love and light every time you think about him, then drop it."

This entire conversation between these two people is genius and I could write it all out or you could just go and find it here. (I find Elizabeth Gilbert to be a genius in general with this entire book).

Sometimes talking doesn't solve everything...or anything. But the message in your heart is real, will remain and will find it's way to the person you are pointing it at, even if they are passed away, in my opinion. So take solace, dear ones, that may relate to this post. 

I was inspired to post this because of a conversation I had with my girlfriend this past weekend while (kind of) camping. I had written this post months ago and two days ago, around the campfire, my friend started talking about letters that you never send. I knew then that I had to post this. I hope that it finds its way into your heart. 

xo ~


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