So, I'm just last night recovering from my devil cold! I truly believe that I have run down my immune system and I keep getting the colds to prove it!

Physically, I'm in the best shape of my life! Mind you, that does not mean the lowest weight...skinny doesn't necessarily equal healthy!! I AM thinner than I've been in a long while and that is completely thanks to yoga. My abs are tighter, my BUTT is SMALLER! (this is huge people, as I've always had what my family refers to as the Owens butt, thank you mother's side genetics!). And there are a multitude of other bonuses including better posture! Yes!

But, I still have such a hectic lifestyle with my husband owning and running the restaurant. Besides, trying to open and jump start a yoga business, I get up early (ish) and we go to bed at 12p or 1a. Sleep has a lot to do with health, I have determined. For all of you that now know what a genius I am for this last statement....thank you. :) (sense of humor appreciated here!)

I have made some changes and I feel like they might stick this time! This is, in part, due to my weekend with Baron and my cohorts from Cleveland Yoga who all inspired me!

  1. Fruits now not only occupy a bowl on my dining room table but in my belly as well. What a novel idea not just to DECORATE with fruit!! AND I am actually starting to be drawn to them!
  2. I don't finish my plate just because the food feels good on my taste buds! This is a completely foreign concept to me and I am in awe of this person who is now inhabiting my body.
  3. I'm in love with chocolate cake. There was a piece in front of me last night and I DIDN'T EAT IT. (what?).
  4. I am taking vitamins on a daily basis. (again, what?)
  5. What? There should be more? What do you want, my first born child?? (again, joking!) 
I'm so grateful to be a healthier me today and I hope that this alien who has taken over things around here is happy to stick around! I love her! And I love you guys, whoever you might be, for reading my post! I'll be back! I hope you will too. <3



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