Happy Valentine's Day!

I really don't have anything spectacular to talk about today. I love the romance of Valentine's Day but as my husband says, every day is Christmas and I think that we feel pretty much the same about Valentine's Day as well. Don't think that I'm saying this in a disappointed tone, it takes on that meaning when other people hear it. But I'm just being honest. We will give each other cards and have dinner but there is no big flowery show of being "Valentines" around here. No house full of roses and candles, not that there's anything wrong with that! The thing is you can do that stuff on any given day.

I wanted to share with you an excerpt from Elephant Journal that I read today. "Even for those who fall in love in high school and get married and live happily ever after, their love begins anew each morning, each moment. Love is a practice much like meditation- and just like meditation, I and many others can be pretty bad at it."

Love is a practice. Just like yoga! You choose it daily, choose to give just a little extra when your spouse really needs it, such as a backrub even though you might be exhausted. Focus on the good that your spouse provides for you instead of the fact that maybe he works too much. Look at them and wonder what is it in them that you have never seen before because every day is a new day and just as your cells regenerate, so do human beings as a whole! Be present, be grateful, be in love.

And for those of you who may not have a Valentine, Happy Valentine's Day. You are enough. Sometimes, we can feel differently but you are a miracle. For real.




Marthac said…
Hi Erin, I never saw your blog before !!! Found it by happy accident looking for an email to send sign photos to,but found this instead just as well because I have not found the sign pics yet! Keep it up ! Love it !!
Erin Kouvas said…
:) Thanks Martha! I had two before this, deleted them and this time, decided to do it for real and make it more public!! I'm glad you like it and hope you'll come back and visit my blog! :) See you tomorrow!! xo

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