Morning Joe

Good morning, blogoshpere! It is 8:47 in the morning and I am having an organic banana with all natural almond butter on it. And coffee.

During our weekend with Baron (I wonder how long I will be referencing it? lol) he mentioned coffee as if it were seen in a bad light with yogis. He asked us if we ever felt like we were a little bit hypocrites or inauthentic sometimes when we did something that was out of context with our yoga values. (He was also drinking coffee with a smile on his face while he asked us). Everyone was shaking their head yes and I didn't realize I was shaking my head no until he looked at me!! Inside I was dying. He was probably thinking, wow, this girl thinks she's perfect! NOT THE CASE, Sir Baron! :) I was just having a hard time even talking badly about my poor little coffee. 

If coffee is wrong, I don't want to be right.

I will say that I also drink hot tea and I have tried to incorporate hot water with lemon sometimes that Baron talks about in Journey Into Power and Kathryn Budig talked about in some internet video where she discussed her daily diet. The interviewer in said video asks Kathryn if she drinks coffee and she, literally, gasps. I love Kathryn Budig but when she gasped, my first thought was, 'oh, she must be allergic.' :/

I'm sorry. I'm just not there yet. If this were an asana (pose) I was trying to perfect, I would still be a MAJOR beginner. But that's life, eh? One step at a time. It may be already inside of me not to drink coffee but the moment has not come to fruition.

But how about that organic banana, huh?? Good stuff.




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