studies in movement.

Once there was a boy who lived in Yang Zi. He spent his days sowing the seeds in the fields.

Place the seed, cover with dirt…and move on to the next one. Place the seed, cover with dirt...and move on to the next one. There was no time to watch the seeds as they unfolded delicately in the golden light. There was work to be done. Things were either going to grow or they weren't.

This boy loved a girl. 

This girl lived in a castle. She spent her days reading books. Cultivating relationships with them. Getting lost inside and taking the time to have daydreams and see what could come of the ideas that had planted themselves in her brain.

This girl loved nature. She would stare outside of her window for hours and in her view was the boy who she would watch while he planted. And the boy would glance up at her, in her window, so still like a painting and he created stories in his mind about her.

One day this boy was fatefully sent to the castle to take some of his goods to sell. He there ran into the girl in the courtyard, which was in full bloom and filled the air with it's fragrance. They stared at each other for what seemed like eternity and shared what felt to be deep love. 

The boy, he had to move, unsure of the still and the waiting. The girl, she was left to wonder at the quickness with which he moved. Could it mean that he hadn't loved her at all? 

The river that flowed throughout the land flowed gracefully on. Except in the places where it flowed at different speeds and temperatures and in those places, it could pull you under with a force. 


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