Anatomy and Such.

I'm sitting in my room, finding myself hard pressed to concentrate on ANYTHING. I keep drifting here and there and everywhere because my brain is thank you...I don't need any more stuff in here at the moment.

But I have homework to finish. So get to it, brain! I promise I will relax you at the latest, by November. A nice long break for you. I mean, teaching and running the business still...but probably no new trainings on the horizon for awhile. Nothing this intense, anyway. (Do I sound like I may jump into something on a moment's notice? Kind of how I jumped into the Bryan Kest training in Mexico in August that may just put me over the edge on top of my 500 hour yoga therapy training?? ya...) 

Besides, when I make myself (more importantly make my brain) do this homework, it is really so interesting. Right now I'm brushing up on some anatomy. I really wish I knew this stuff inside and out but the body is so incredibly intricate, it's very difficult and especially when you were never introduced to any anatomy before. I take that back, we did a very basic version in my 200 hour training.

This anatomy that I'm required to learn in 500 hour training...very intense. I hope I can cram all of this into my brain and in a way that makes it stick!!

What's also interesting is people who know me have to know that I'm going to be studying anatomy on a Saturday night. I just texted an anatomy picture to a friend and she was texted back, I love that you're a nerd like me! To which I responded, I love that I texted you anatomy and you liked it! Lol. It's good to have people who understand around you...

And as much as I absolutely adore Asheville Yoga Center (adore) and also truly am in awe of my teachers and fellow students, I cannot wait to be done so that I can get on with the next stage and feel really where I am going with this. It's nerve wracking and exciting because I know that within 5 months, things could be very different. I do love the journey and I will respect it. And I can say this with absolute certainty, I will travel back to Asheville for trainings of some sort after this is all over. Quality. 

Peace out! ~ E


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