52 Life List.

In light of my friend Alex Moody's post on 52 Life List...I decided to create my own. It wasn't easy...it does take more time than I thought it would. But here it is. Let's see where it takes me. :)

Hopefully this inspires someone out there to do their own life list. 

1.  Travel to teach yoga in other states. 
2.  Travel to teach yoga in other countries.
3.  Travel, more, period and write about it. (check...)
4.  Write more, period. (check). 
5.  Get published as a poet. 
6.  Get published as a short story writer.
7.  Have a baby (Pretty sure about this one).
8.  Have a house.
9.  Skydive.
10. Learn to play the guitar.
11. Travel to India to an ashram.
12. Travel to Bretagne (France) and eat oysters and fresh caramels (not at the same time).
13. Meet the Dalai Lama. Or at least hear him speak live.
14. Meet Pema Chodron. Or at least hear her speak live.
15. Get a tattoo.
16. Get a handle on handstand. (Getting this one!!) :)
17. Arm wrestle forearm stand and beat it's ass.
18. Travel to Africa.
19. Get my master's degree, probably in psychology or art studies.
20. Go back to college for art classes (good to take baby steps).
21. (Wow it's hard to find 52?! Is it supposed to be hard?). Get better at goal writing.
22. Either live in a town with amazing breakfast restaurant or inspire one to open, or open my own in case of absolute failure of the first two. (There is nothing like an awesome, organic and made with love breakfast place.
23. Have a library room, absolutely filled with books.
24. Paint more. 
25. Maybe actually get paid for taking photos. It's been a lifelong hobby...so why not? Or better yet! Have my photos in an art show. Someone told me I should do this locally and I like the idea.
26. Have a yard that looks more like a garden. Not so much just plain grass. Want it to look wild and secret garden-ish.
27. Sponsor a child overseas, probably through Children's International. (Done). 
28. I'm pretty sure I want to be a part of this Africa Yoga Project. Been looking at it for a year now. (part of it...now just raising $$)
29. Take a teacher training from Bryan Kest. (In Tulum!) (Done.) 
30. Open a second Yoga Urth. Either on my own, or help someone else to open it.
31. Start a teacher training program in yoga. (Done.) 
32. Try aerial yoga. (check)
33. Try Bikram yoga.
34. Try Iyengar yoga. (Done.) 
35. Take a trapeze class.
36. Improve my diet!!
37. Learn to braid my hair well.
38. Learn French again semi fluently.
39. Have a butterfly eat from my hand like when I was little. Sugar and water.
40. Visit Spain.
41. Swim with dolphins.
42. Zipline.
43. Visit Puerto Rico.
44. Visit Portugal.
45.  Read the Bible front to back.
46.  Read the Bhagavad Gita front to back. (check)
47. Become decent at skiing.
48. Get better and better at knowing my anatomy.
49. Lose 8 lbs. (winter has been brutal to me, in my opinion). (don't remember how much I weighed when I wrote this! Lol. ) 
50. In light of previous goal...age gracefully and realize that my body is a vessel that allows me to do amazing things and not sweat aging so much as women are prone to do (and as I must admit I am starting to worry about).
51. Become more comfortable with public speaking.
52. Create a yoga video.

xox ~ E


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