It is the first day of 2013. Time to set some intentions, some direction for where we want to go in this our lives. 

I heard a great idea from a girl that I just found on the internet, Gabrielle Bernstein who is an inspirational speaker. I shouldn't say girl, I suppose, I should say woman but I just get caught in the mode of calling my same age group boys and girls...when we're really 30 somethings...but isn't it all just a mindset anyway? Who cares what I call her, a girl or a woman? What is right or wrong about that? Totally sidetracking....sorry.

Back to the point. Her idea was (and I've actually heard this before but thought about it for the first time as a tradition on New Years Eve) to write down your intention on New Years Eve and then to burn it on New Years Day. But the reason to burn it is to trust. To let it go into the Universe and say...I release this to you. It's not mine to worry about anymore. 

It's like the God Jar. You take a jar and when you have worries, you place them in the them to God. I remember hearing Oprah tell a story about when she wanted to act in The Color Purple and she wasn't getting a call...and finally she was so upset, she took a walk in the rain and said to God, (paraphrasing) I give this to you. Do what you will with it. And she got the call shortly thereafter. 

It's so beautiful because when we stop struggling, stop fighting against what just feels right. What is meant to be will be. I truly, truly believe in this.

I have had things in my life in the last year that I wanted and that I had to let go of the struggle of.  2012 has been quite a year. And I know that what is right will peacefully find it's way into my life. 

2013 is shaping up to be a big year for me personally. I have committed to a 500 hour yoga teacher training program (an extension of my current training as I am a certified yoga instructor), a person whom I respect in the yoga community has asked me to host a workshop for him and I feel that it will be amazing. 

But the best part of this past year is that I am finally starting to trust my OWN voice. I could almost cry writing that. I have always second guessed myself and looked outside to see my own reflection. Looked to see how others saw me. But I was really only looking at their reflection and never saw myself...because how people see you is a reflection of themselves...not you. You must see yourself first. You must feel your own divinity, your connection with the Divine, with everything in the Universe. No one can give that to you. I wish this for you. 

Walking over to my hotel room, where I am having to live at the current moment and which is definitely not ideal even though so many people may think how service, etc... all I have wanted for a long time is a HOME. And so... definitely not ideal, however, I had one of the most sacred moments. You know those moments when you feel SO very connected. One of those moments...a beautiful sunset, a song that gets into your soul, something, anything that touches you in a way that you feel a connection to the larger thing...the Universe, God, your higher self, whatever you want to call it. I had one of those moments walking to this hotel room, in the grey and cold of Ohio January. I am feeling in touch. I will strive to keep it this way and not get lost again. 

Love and light and all good things to you. All of you.

xox ~ Erin


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