The Power of Belief.

We people think we know ourselves. We think we know what we're good at, and more dangerously for our growth, we think we know what we're NOT good at.

So, how does this explain when someone says something about themselves that they are certain of and others just can't see it? For instance, I have a friend who recently said, "I'm not very creative." When I heard her say that, it made me have a tiny reaction inside. I want her to see that maybe she is creative, maybe she just wasn't allowed to be by others in the past. Maybe she didn't allow herself to be. I don't know.

Maybe I'm projecting, maybe she's really not creative...but I don't think it's that. (It may be a tiny bit projecting and as you read on you'll see why... but I do believe that everyone is creative in some way, if they allow themselves to be). It reminds me of those really thin people who are certain of how heavy they are. We are who we believe ourselves to be...

I recently heard a very awesome girl I met say that 95 - 98% of all of our thoughts are unnecessary. That only thoughts of survival are REALLY necessary. And so, that means that the rest of our thoughts can be questioned because they aren't necessary for survival. If we take a minute to look at these unnecessary thoughts, we won't be eaten by the wolf or starve to death while pondering. So we can take that moment to ask...what IS this thought, where does it come from and do I actually believe it? This might make some of us uncomfortable because we are not used to questioning our beliefs, and maybe even questioning that they really are OUR beliefs to begin with. 

I read a quote lately about people not really knowing what they're good at and I think it's so true, myself included. "Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong. And yet...a person can perform only from strength." ~ Peter Drucker

I do take time now to question myself. If we don't take the time to find can we ever live to our fullest potential? I want to question everything. I don't want to know anything anymore, I want to keep finding out. There is where the adventure lies, the deepening. The mystery is where it's at.

I never took art class as a young person because I formed a belief when I was a child that I wasn't any good and so there was certainly no point in trying and therefore embarrassing myself. Where that belief came from was a simple interaction. I made a drawing and showed it to someone. I was so proud of it that I said maybe we could send it to a museum (I was 7). I think I just thought...well, that's where art lives, in a museum. And the person that I said this to laughed so hard that my beautiful drawing became just a piece of worthless paper and I knew that I was definitely not an artist. That person didn't mean to make me feel that way, I am sure of it. But as a child, that is the belief that I formed. I wouldn't touch a piece of paper with a pencil to draw in public if you had paid me. 

These beliefs become so engrained in us, that we must question them when we gain a certain level of consciousness about our lives. I am not good at math. That is a firm belief that I hold about myself. Yet, when I took math classes in college (certainly not anything high level!) I got A's. So, am I really not good at math...or is it just not a natural talent? Just because I don't enjoy it, doesn't mean I can't be good at it. Certainly, we can't be good at everything and more importantly, I don't think we would want to be. That's exhausting. Yet finding our real talents that can come alive when married with actual interest and passion...that's magical.

So, basically, what I want to say is...don't box yourself in... Question yourself and your beliefs. Explore your untapped talents. You may get to know yourself on an entirely different level! And what a blessing... to know yourself. What a delicious and wonderful blessing!



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