Silence is....Strange. But then Good.

I just finished "silent breakfast" at Kripalu. At first, walking in, I thought..."well this is nice, this won't be hard at all." And then after sitting for a minute, it begins to dawn on you how SILENT it really is. Do you make eye contact if you can't say hello? Do you play with your silverware? Do you read? After looking around I realized I was the only one trying to distract myself with reading. Everyone else was just...being.

There was this little girl just staring at everyone in wonder. So many people in one room, not talking. It is affecting. Why is being silent so strange for us? What do we pay attention to if we're not distracting ourselves? Ourselves? Gasp!

There is a saying on Facebook lately...not sure where it came from but it goes like this...

Stop the Glorification of Being Busy.


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