Settling In...

So, I am in Bali, lovelies...
It is 2:30 in the morning, the crickets are peacefully chirping, the mosquito net is placed romantically around the bed (I don't know why but I always think of the movie Out of Africa when I see a mosquito net, when I should really be thinking, 'don't get malaria') and I just woke up out of a strange dream to the sound of a kind of tapping on my window. I think it might have been a monkey because I staked out the window for a good amount of time and saw nothing. First night here. It is amazingly beautiful but completely different from what I know or expected so it will take a couple of days I think to settle into the rhythm of it.

Today doesn't really count although I have already experienced a few things that I will place in my memory pocket. But I am still very much out of sorts from traveling, feel dead in the head, which is understandable from 35 hours of travel and layovers. It will be worth the effort of the trip, I can feel it in my bones.

I am staying right now at a place called Alam Shanti which is down the street from Monkey Forest so it's only a matter of time before I see some of them and their shenanigans! I guess they are just constantly taking whatever they can off of you if you're not careful. Backpack only, nothing hanging out of bags and no food, unless you want to give it to them. :) Tomorrow, I hope to go walk to the forest first thing after breakfast...

My room is surrounded by these water gardens to the front and back. The toilet is located outside of my room (enclosed within a stone wall) and looking at one of these water gardens, which is so lovely, but at the same time...I just keep envisioning a monkey coming and staring at me nervously while I pee, so yes...I am holding it until the morning. :) It is a lovely view from the toilet though. Lol.

Just felt like checking in. I will do more of it about my trip including pictures, maybe during...maybe after. We'll see how it goes. Good night, morning, or afternoon! Whatever time zone you may be!


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