Bali Beauty

I've had so many great experiences here in Bali. Mostly having to do with the amazing people that I have met at the High Vibes yoga retreat at Soulshine. It was so fulfilling.

Landing in Denpassar almost two weeks ago with a girl I met on the plane coming from California who sells the clothes she buys in Bali at hippie fests across her own state, getting my visa, searching desperately for my driver amongst a throng of people outside, getting hit on shamelessly by said driver the entire way into Ubud who kept telling me "I am single now" (as if I could take advantage of the opportunity) being dropped off right before sundown in a strange place all by myself feeling a bit apprehensive.

Settling in, finding the yoga retreat online, signing up and diving into one of the best things I could have done for myself. If you ever thought about doing a retreat that concerns your, surfing, writing, whatever...DO IT! I met the best people, and more importantly, learned a few things about myself. What more can you ask for in a two week trip?

Thank you God, again, for yoga.


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