2nd day in Bali

So, for my second and third nights I am staying in a place called Kenanga Hotel. This place is absolutely stunning. When you hear hotel or resort in America you automatically have an image in your mind. You can't do that exactly in Bali. The first place was also a resort. And while it was a beautiful surrounding, it was nothing like this place. Kenanga has 15 rooms total and it is breathtaking. I'm not sure what the rest of my stay here holds but I am so glad that I stayed here.

All in all, I will end up staying in 6 different lodgings, the last one being someone's personal home that I found on a bed and breakfast website. So, I will definitely get some different viewpoints on where to stay in Bali. I hope to use that knowledge at a future point in time when I return. :)

If you are coming to Bali, don't expect perfection in everything. Or should I say, it is perfectly imperfect. It is nothing like what I am used to and therefore exactly what I needed. This is how it is in Bali. You take the good with the bad. There is no American perfection and high strung expectations. You must relax.

However, I had a facial yesterday that literally seemed like I left my body, that's how beyond perfect it was. Her fingers were like magic. I asked her to marry me but she just laughed nervously so I think that was a no. :)

Literally, I am just starting to get into the swing of things here. I ended up finding a yoga retreat after all and it starts this afternoon so I am excited to meet these girls, meditate, learn some nutrition and different types of yoga, including anusara and more yin.


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