Yoga Shmoga.

Reading a book by Paulo Coelho. I rarely get to read fiction anymore, it's usually either a book about yoga philosophy or a book about the body. But I LOVE Paulo Coelho and since I'm on vacation...AND I no longer have a job even though I'm jumping in to start my Erin Kouvas, Creative Wellness business. 

It's interesting this book because it brings up questions of life satisfaction and the meaning of it all and it weaves in yoga. Of course, who doesn't weave in yoga these days? But the main character in this book is searching for something and she takes yoga classes but can't help but feel that it's all a bunch of malarkey. It makes me wonder if that's what some students in class are thinking. The odds are good that it must be happening for some. 

I never had that experience. It's always just clicked for me. Not all the physical practices did but certainly the message and the spirituality of it. And it's making me wonder what would be the difference between myself and someone who does it but can't help but think it's a lot of hoo hah. 

The fact that I have questioned the status quo, adults and religion since I was a young child maybe? Don't get me wrong, I love and believe in God but I have always doubted hellfire, all of the rules and certainly God's stern view of these children that he lovingly created. And even more than those stories, I questioned the fact that every religion said that it was right and that all others were wrong...even if they thought they were must just be the Devil confusing those poor people. Not us, though. We've got this shit down pat. Hmmmm, I thought, interesting... 

Either way, yoga and everything else in this world is something you have to decide for yourself is helpful for you or not. If you decide to try it, commit yourself to 10 classes and at least 3 different teachers and while we're at it, two different styles of yoga before you say no thanks. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone but that you just have to find the right teacher/style for you to get you hooked. It's physical, which helps you calm the mental which lets you tap into the emotional and experience the spiritual. 

It's a whole lotta good. Check it out, skeptics! ;)


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