All You Need Is...

       Love needs no words.   No explanation.     It just is.

Sometimes people need it to be qualified, quantified, proven like a mathematical equation.

Sometimes that happens. But when love is flowing, you just feel it, you just know. It doesn't have to be proven because you feel it in your stomach and your bones. 

Sometimes you will wait until seemingly the end of time for a person to say the words you've wanted to hear from the very first day you met them. And they just can't say it. Perhaps they've been hurt too deeply, they're too afraid. Perhaps they're waiting for you to say it.

Sometimes they say too much, too soon and you feel too much too soon...and then it all folds in like a house of cards that haunts you.

Whoever can write down the recipe for things turning out in the form of a perfectly baked relationship, well, that person deserves much more than the Nobel Peace Prize. Whoever can judge others'  relationships because they are and always have been perfect at relationships needs to stand up and be known. 

You must go through the ups and downs. You must climb the mountain and be knocked the hell off of it. Scrape yourself on every body part during the long way down. And hurt. And always remember that day, not by choice but because it sits in your body like a kidney stone.

But then. Be brave enough to do it again. Without knee pads and wrapped up in mummy tape, like the dead. No one wants to date a mummy. If you want to be one for a short time to heal, that's healthy but don't wait until your next lifetime frozen hard in there if you can help it.

No, be alive and fierce and weak and sweaty, nervous as hell but expecting only the best. Only the best.

Because someone wants to give that to you. And that person will show up, day after day. When you need coffee. When you're in the hospital. When you're the meanest thing in the whole wide world. When you claim that you do not love them, that you cannot, that there is simply too much that has happened and it will never, ever work.

When that person can root down like an oak tree and make you see the height of their strength and the depth of their love and it will make you shake. When they will wait and give you space and let you breathe your air, think your thoughts and feel your feelings, without needing you to be or do anything, you will know that you are loved.

We are all the assholes and we are all the heroes and the victims and the god blessed saints. What matters to you? Who matters to you? How are you showing up for that... how are you, you beautiful be-ing. May you be loved to the depths of your soul and the height of your amazingness. 



Elena G. said…
love, love, love.

a tricky little beast. it blinds and awakens, it maims and heals, it weakens and strengthens, it gives and takes.

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