Dream State.

Sometimes I think that a whole separate world exists in our dreams. 

Our dreams seem to want to tell us something, don't they? Where do they come from? It seems like they might be just a jumble of pictures that have been in our head in some way or another, and then spit out in random moments while we are unconscious.

However, there are times when you dream about something or someone...and it seems impossible to shake. What does it mean? If only someone could tell you, wouldn't it reveal some greater picture in your life? 

I look up dream meanings a lot and mostly, they're disappointing. I find myself looking for a specific answer, which is absolutely ridiculous. If I have an opinion, then why am I searching? I am always searching. It is part of my DNA to want to understand the mysterious. The spiritual. The meaning behind the meaning. 

So dreams speak to me. I had a professor once tell me that you definitely have to interpret your dreams yourself. She had studied symbolism as well as a multitude of other subjects, written books about various subjects herself so I take her advice to heart. What do the items in the dream say to you, she would ask. 

For example, at one point in my life, I could not stop dreaming about alligators. I would be walking on their backs, swimming with them, seeing them in the water from the shore. It means something. Why alligators? Really doesn't make sense for a landlocked Ohio girl to dream constantly of this creature which she would never interact with. 

I felt like it was a symbol of my subconscious. Of wanting to go deeper. The thing that lurks just beneath the surface, always there, always waiting patiently. And when you least expect it, those eyes that pop up out of nowhere. Fascinating.

What do you dream of? Does it stick with you? Do you just brush it off like cracker crumbs? Does it mean anything? Or nothing at all?


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