perfectly imperfect.

As a human being living on this one and only Earth, I do my best to try and figure it out. I do my best to be my best self. To not harm others, to live a good life and be of service to others. What I have found is that being your best self really means being authentic. Not abandoning yourself, crazy parts and all. I have heard and love the phrase "perfectly imperfect." Because we all are perfect, even with our imperfections. We are who we are right now or as I've also heard said, "This is it." Can we be okay with that?

Occasionally we're going to run across a snag in the road that makes us question ourselves or others. Occasionally, someone is not going to like us (crazy talk) or we aren't going to like them (even though we breathe through that judgement, or at least try). :)  

It's okay that our energies don't mesh with EVERYONE ELSE'S ON THE PLANET. I used to fret and worry and try so hard to put the right skin on. I would get very emotional if someone even thought that I was acting in a wrong way. Correction, if I THOUGHT someone can see where this can get exhausting. And I'm sure that many of you out there do this too.

A book that changed my life was Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth. If you live in this world of thinking about thoughts and worrying about what everyone else thinks but yourself...get it now. There are so many books out there but this one helped me immensely. 

Bottom line, we all have struggles, we all have heartaches. The only thing that gets us through is love and peace. Love of self. And of course love of others and love from others. Give it and make sure to accept it back. Peace in the form of peace of mind and acceptance (and maybe celebration) of this moment which translates out to peace in the world. Yoga and meditation work for me but find what works for you. I think yoga and meditation would work for everyone but if you're a rock climber and you find your zen there, that's cool too.

If you come across a person or situation and something happens that you don't think is perfect, see if you can just be with it without having to understand. My idealist mind wants to freak out writing that. But maybe we don't have to understand everything. What if we could just let go and be? As a teacher recently said to me, write out what it is and what you would like it to be and give it to the Universe. 

Peace, love and faith. I'm such a child of the 70's. ;)

xo and namaste ~ erin


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