Mount Batur, Bali 2012

Hello? Are you seeing the lights, the dark, the sunrise and the cloud separating it all at eye level? Amazing.

The fun continues...

What a moment, watching the sunrise in Bali from a mountaintop.

Aaron, our guide.


Mountain Dancer.
Yoga girls doing what they do.

Mountain puppy.

Itchy butt. 

Yep. I was climbing that.

Love this action shot.

My friends, Oliver and Yukari.

Aaron, Ollie and Lowell.

Ollie and Aaron.

My friends, Lowell and Yukari.
Me, Ollie and Lowell feeling exhausted but in awe of the beauty of that mountain.
Just chillin, mountainside.
It was also Balinese Independence Day and they were celebrating everywhere. Even at the top of mountains.
He loves his job.
I believe this was after a not so graceful fall down the mountainside. I'm glad my camera didn't break!!

Me and Aaron, our guide to the top of the mountain! 
Lowell, pointing to Mount Batur...after the descent. What a good feeling!

A Balinese Chicken at the bottom of the mountain and, if you look close, her babies.


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